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It’s time to start losing weight with clinically proven solutions.


Effective Medical Weight Loss

We provide a supportive program that blends your current lifestyle with your weight loss goals. Because we are all individuals, we need individualized attention. Meeting with the provider one-on-one gives you the ability to use a variety of tools for your unique situation. Achieving your goals is our number one priority.


We take a simple approach to weight loss. So stress-free it’s just a check off your to do list.

No Diet Foods

You will find that we encourage purchasing fresh nutritious foods found at any local grocery store.

You’re Not Alone

Dr. Backert understands the many obstacles we face every day when trying to lose weight. Each of us requires something a little different to reach our goals. You will be provided the one-on-one support that has proven to be successful for hundreds of other people.

Weight Loss Myth

Eating healthy is expensive! That is simply not true. You may have to spend a bit more time in the kitchen instead of depending on processed foods or fast food, and a few more minutes preparing your grocery shopping list, but with this approach, you will most likely see your food bill go down. Not because you are eating less… it’s because you are eating correctly.


Is it safe?

Yes. Our program follows proven guidelines. A physician monitored weight loss program is one of the safest ways to lose weight and maintain the weight loss long term.


Does it work?

It works and has the clinical research to back it up. You will lose weight in a safe and consistent manner. We have hundreds of documented success stories.


Does my lifestyle have to change?

Weight gains most likely happen because of some kind of lifestyle change. So, there will most likely be some lifestyle modifications you will want to implement. We understand this is not an easy undertaking and is why we are here with tools and support to help make that happen. In most cases, it’s getting you back to a healthy lifestyle that fits within your busy schedule.

Medical Weight Loss

We may dispense prescription appetite suppressants that are both FDA approved and have been recommended by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians for more than forty years. The medications are a safe and effective weight-loss tool when used under the careful supervision of, and monitoring by, our doctors.

So are you ready to get started on a real solution to losing weight and maintaining it for life? GREAT!!! Let’s get you scheduled for your complimentary initial assessment.

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So are you are ready to experience a positive experience with weight Loss with REAL solutions for MAINTAINING it? Great!! Let’s get you scheduled for a free consultation.

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