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How It Works

Physician Assisted
Information about Medallion Weight Loss Programs

How Does It Work

Medallion Weight Loss was opened to help individuals who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or even more, weight loss should be approached in a safe and scientific way. What better way than with one-on-one access to a doctor that understands how your body works?

“We are dedicated to providing solutions that help you achieve your weight loss goals.”

Medallion Weight Loss prescribes medically approved appetite suppressants that are designed to help you gain control of your weight loss goals that quick fix and fad diets do not address. However, our prescribed medications are not for everyone. A new patient consultation is required before any new program can be implemented.

Our weight loss program is not a quick fix, fad diet, or other program that is designed to get you to buy our foods or other supplements. Expect to make minor lifestyle changes that will help you get back on track to living a healthy life.


No Surgery & No Gimmicks

Our weight loss clinic focuses on providing solutions that are medically proven to help people get back to a healthy weight without the need for surgery or the many other diet gimmicks you have most likely seen at the local store or on TV.


Doctor Supervised

The advantages of using the expertise from a medical doctor compared to a self-proclaimed weight loss coach should be apparent. A doctor will understand not just what kinds of things may have helped you gain weight, but will also be concerned with your overall health as well as your weight loss goals.

The Search Is Over!

From surgery to magic diets, the number of choices you are presented with on a daily basis can be extremely overwhelming.

You will be happy to learn that there has been one constant fact the so-called diet experts do not want you to know about. Weight loss under the supervision of a weight loss doctor has been more effective in providing long-term results than any other program that has been introduced as the magic solution.

If you are looking for healthy and long term solutions to weight loss, then your search is over. Let’s get you scheduled for your first visit today.