Physicians Medical Weight Loss Modesto CAIn 1997, Dr. Phyllis Schorr, decided to open a clinic for individuals who are struggling to lose weight and keep it off.  Seeing the many “FAD Diets” and so called “Experts” failing to provide long term results, she felt it was better to have access to a “Doctor” that understands how the body works.  Medallion Weight Loss was created using her passion as a Doctor and the desire to help people by offering a physician-assisted and monitored medical approach, as the safe and effective way to lose weight. Understanding how the body works and using education and prescribed medicines, Medallion Weight Loss delivers an alternative to weight loss that provides long lasting results that can be sustained for a lifetime.

We treat obesity as the science that it is. We use current medical methods and our expertise as physicians to prescribe treatment for the specific individual we are working with. The process begins with a patient consultation to develop a program that will achieve effective weight loss with optimal muscle preservation.

Weight Loss Center Modesto CA

The field of Obesity Medicine is growing as obesity itself gains acceptance as a disease. Obesity Medicine is a medical specialty that uses an integrated approach for the best practice of weight loss. The integrated approach combines human psychology, endocrinology,  and exercise physiology, and with medical training in nutrition, internal medicine and pediatrics. This is how true medical weight loss is best acheived.

Dr. Schorr and Dr. Christel Backert have devoted their lives to medicine proven by their advanced degrees in science. So when we say “we are your local experts” it is backed by both Medical Review Boards and just as importantly, by our patients experiences achieving and maintaining weight loss.


Your health and safety is our top concern here at Medallion. To limit the amount of people in the clinic at one time we have special guidelines that need to be followed.

Appointments are highly encouraged and will be given first priority. All new patients must have an appointment.

We are happy to announce walk-ins are once again welcome for current patients only. Walk-ins must wait outside or in their vehicle after check-in. You will be notified by text when to reenter the clinic. Walk-ins must be checked in 30 minutes prior to clinic close time. Walk-in wait times may vary greatly, appointments are highly encouraged.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will post updates on hours and/or closures if the need arises.  Precautions are being taken for the safety of our patients, staff and the community in mind. 
Hours of Operation and Updates will be posted as needed.